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Discover our recipe for chocolate pralines.

Highlander's Pralines are an example of great quality from Podhale – in these small chocolates in shape of traditional pieces of smoked ewe cheese we enclosed freshness and originality, classic exquisite chocolate and mind-blowing fillings, which will pamper your palate and make you feel the true atmosphere of the majestic Tatra mountains. The pralines, made by our confectioners, combine tradition and modernity due to years of experience, passion for chocolate, and inspiration coming from the newest trends in confectionery. Highlander's pralines have a wide variety of fillings: sweet and sour notes of cranberry, black currant and bilberry, decisive aroma of coffee and toffee, exotic coconut, traditional smoked ewe cheese and Bundz cheese - everyone will find something for themselves! Highlander's pralines are a perfect idea for a unique gift from Zakopane - the beautifully packaged sets can be purchased at Krupówki and even in Kraków. Unforgettable shape of the chocolates and their surprising fillings leave no doubt - these pralines are one of a kind!

Our pralines combine passion for creating new flavours with the magic of original aromas created by the nature herself. In the highlander's pralines you'll rediscover the velvet poetry of delicate chocolate and enchant your palate with a subtle filling, prepared using unique formula.

Our company grew from the tradition of Podhale, love for chocolate and passion for arranging traditional flavours into new and sophisticated compositions. All these elements are combined in pralines in shape of traditional smoked ewe cheese.

Discover our recipe for chocolate pralines.

Góralskie praliny to wspaniała jakość Podhala
w małych czekoladkach, kształtem przypominających oscypek zamknęliśmy powiew świeżości i oryginalności.